Batch Type Composting Machine

The Machine Is For The Decentralized Composting Process. This Machine Is Ideal For Smaller Setups To Convert Food Waste Into Compost. The Machine Is Economical In Cost And Comes With A Curing System In Which Compost Matures In Controlled Humidity And Environmental Condition:


1. Collection & Segregation Of Waste

2. Feeding Of Segregated Organic Waste/ Garden Waste Into The Machine

3. Inbuilt Shredding Of Waste And Mixing Of Waste.

4. Adding Of Bio-culture.

5. Shifting Of Processed Waste From Machine Through Trolley To The Curing System.

6. Placement Of Crate Into A Curing System For 10 Days.

7. Ready Compost In Curing System After 10 Days.

8. Use Of Compost In-house Garden/kitchen Or Packing For A

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