Bio Medical Waste Shredder

Automatic Stainless Steel Body Biomedical Waste Shredders For Plastic,metal And Glass Waste

Shredder For Biomedical Waste White WasteWhite (Translucent)Waste Sharps Including Metals: Needles, Syringes With Fixed Needles, Needles From Needle Tip Cutter Or Burner, Scalpels, Blades, Or Any Other Contaminated Sharp Object That May Cause Puncture And Cuts. This Includes Both Used, Discarded And Contaminated Metal Sharps TO Be Collected In : Puncture Proof, Leak Proof, Tamper Proof Containers Processing : Autoclaving Or Dry Heat Sterilization Followed By Shredding Or Mutilation Or Encapsulation In Metal Container Or Cement Concrete; Combination Of Shredding Cum Autoclaving; And Sent For Final Disposal To Iron Foundries (having Consent To Operate From The State Pollution Control Board S Or Pollution Control Committee S) Or Sanitary Landfill Or Designated Concrete Waste Sharp Pit.

For Bio Medical Waste Processing Plant Usually, Only Plastic And Rubber Material Are Crushed After Autoclave. For This Application, I Have Attached A Few Models In The Amy Engineers NS Series For Your Reference. We Have Additional Higher And Lower Capacity Models Than These.
Metal Sharps Syringe Needles, Sutures Needles, Scalpel Blades Can Be Shredder And Crushed To A Very Fine Level But Usually, This Practice Is Not Followed
For Incineration Or General Destruction Purpose Requirements Usually, Dual Shaft Shredders Are Preferred. I Have Attached Prices For PS H MC Series Dual Shaft Shredders. We Have Higher And Lower Capacity Machines Than This. Below Are Some Of The Video Links Of Our Shredder Models For Parma/ Medical Waste Application. Foils/Blisters Only Blister Shredding

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