Fully Automatic Organic Waste To Compost Machine

Greenautics Solution’s OWC Is Equipped With Intuitive Technology Which Maintains The Right Temperature, Air Flow And Moisture. A Special Bacteria Which Is Heat, Salt And Acid Resistant Is Used. Once The Bacteria Are Introduced Into The Machine They Reproduce At A Rapid Pace Under Ideal Internal Condition.

Greenautics Solution’s Organic Waste Composter Is Designed To Make Composting Easy And Convenient. Its Fully Automatic And Has Very Compact And Aesthetic Design.

When Organic Waste Is Filled In The Composter, Increase In Moisture Level Is Detected By A Sensor Which Starts The Heating System. As The Temperature Increases, It Activates The Bacteria Which Breaks Down Organic Waste Into Compost. At The Same Time, Moisture In Waste Is Converted Into Water Vapour Which Is Vented Through Blower Into The Drain. This Results In Nearly 85% Volume Reduction In Compost Formed. The Temperature Is Our Composter Is High Enough That Even Dairy, Fish And Meat Are Easily Composted. The Constant Temperature And Air Flow Prevent Odour And Pest Problem.

The Composter Needs To Be Emptied Only Once A Week And The Compost Can Be Used In The Garden Or Can Be Sold.

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