Simple Processing Machine

Simple Processing Unit For GarbageTechnical Specifications Description Specification Name Of Machine Simple Processing Unit For Garbage Capacity 9 M. T. Per 12 Hours Working Overall Size 1170 Mm Wide X 1800 ( With Hopper ) X 1900 Mm Height Motor 20 HP, Foot Mounted 1440 RPM Squirrel Cage, 50 Hz, 3 Phase MOTOR Of Standard Make. Secondary Drive 4 Way "V" Belt Pulley Arrangement For Power Transmission From Motor Shaft To Machine Shaft. Material Of Construction Entire Body Of The Machine Will Fabricated From M. S. Sheet Of Suitable Size Along With Base Frame Of ISMC 150 X 75 Channel. Starter Suitable Starter Along With Fabricated Enclosure Powder Coated Will Be Provided. Cable Suitable Sized Cable From Starter Box To Motor Will Be Provided. Painting One Coat Of Red Oxide And One Coat Of Enamel Paint

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